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Testimonials: Testimonials

"In a world of overstimulation, deep listening is a breath of fresh air."


—Sylvie Stevenson


"I'm a writer, so writing without editing myself - either on the page or in my mind - is so hard. But I did it. I was a little surprised where it went, which I guess is one of the points of the exercise. It was hard, but it felt good when I finished it. Like I got something off my chest - or out of my head."

—Aaron Schmidt


"I enjoyed not letting myself cross a word out or stop to think, I just kept my pen on the paper in continuous motion until I was done. It's interesting where my writing began and ended up."


Sam Sherman 


“Your course is fantastic! Everything resonates very deeply with me. It is tremendously high quality, from the captivating design to the writing, and all the exercises peppered throughout. Simply brilliant!!”


—Nadine Prada


“If you fear you're not creative, Lissa’s  course will show you that, in fact, you are but haven't yet

realized it.”


—Sergiu Funieru


“Through creating intentions and relaxing to the point of reaching a deeper discussion with my own body, Lissa’s course increased my understanding of what’s going on inside of me and allowed that inner self to come out and be free. Letting the body tell its stories through feelings we may not have been fully aware of, touched me beyond the limits of writing, ultimately changing how I see.”

—Diana Condolo

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