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How to Let Go and Live Your Crazy Ass Life

I sat on my bed reading the word over and over with equal amounts of terror and relief. It was in Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom that I first encountered the term endometriosis, a condition that was causing the pain I’d experienced pretty much since I began menstruating at age 13. After multiple doctors misdiagnosing me I was finally able to say with certainty that I suffered from this often-debilitating disease. My first surgery confirmed this self-diagnosis.


As a communications specialist in government and also as a reporter, I had little time to express myself creatively. Working long hours and on a diet of mostly fast food and coffee with a copious amount of beer and scotch in the off hours, my health was fastly deteriorating. Not to mention I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with no space to focus on my own needs, and only enough energy to deflect criticism and do damage control with a man who was highly volatile and unpredictable.

My body was telling me to stop what I was doing. It cried out for help until I had no choice but to listen.